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[RMB-2] Rack Mounting Bracket for CWGE9MS and CWGE2FE8MSPOE

The ComNet series of RMB Rack Mount Bracket Adaptor Kits are ideal for mounting select ComNet ValueLine managed Ethernet switches within any standard 19-inch equipment rack cabinet. RMB-2 Single-Module Rack Mount Adaptor Kit, with mounting hardware. This kit is to be used when rackmounting one (1) ComNet model CWGE2FE8MSPOE Ethernet Managed Switch unit, or any other select ComNet ValueLine module having a width dimension of 8.6 inches (217 mm). The ComNet Ethernet switch module is simply affixed onto the appropriate RMB-series adaptor bracket with the mounting hardware provided. The complete assembly is then mounted directly within any standard 19-inch equipment rack or cabinet.


Category: Comnet

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